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MasterMaster Nichols Robert Nichols

Master Robert Nichols began Judo in 1967 with Leroy Akins and Master Yoshisada Yonezuka (Yoni). He also began Tae Kwon Do in 1968 with Master Ki-Chung Kim. He won several championships to include the 1970 Karate Olympics at Madison Square Garden in New York, and the 1975 AAU (W.T.F.) championship in Kansas City, MO. Master Nichols has studied martial arts in New York, New Jersey and in several other locations in the United States. He also trained in the R.O.K. Marine Corps Black Belt Instructor School with master Kim Il Soo in Korea.

Master Nichols is an Authorized Martial Arts Instructor for Fairfax County Park Authority & Dept. of Community and Rec. Services.

Mastor Nichols presenting a martial arts award Top winner from Nichols' defense academy Master Nichols with honnored guest
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